We’re a 2 person indie studio with a passion for games and those kid dreams of making our own. We decided in early 2013 to make that dream a reality! Thus, 111 Games was born. Our goal is to create fun, engaging, and unique games for all platforms.

Meet 111 Games

Photo of Justin Shepperd

Justin Shepperd
Director and Founder

Justin has been a life long fan of video games since the 8bit era. He has dreamed of being a game maker for as long as he can remember.


Top Games: (in no particular order) Witcher 3, Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy 6, Ocarina of Time, Mass Effect Series, Enter the Gungeon and Spelunky.
Skills: C#, Java, C++, game design, After Effects, Unity, 3D Modeling, kicking ass.
Photo of Kyra Kauschel

Kyra Kauschel
Creative Director and Founder

Kyra has loved video games since she was a wee one. She even wrote a letter to Nintendo expressing her interest in working in the industry when she was 11.


Top Games: (in no particular order)Phantasy Star Online, Mass Effect Series, Spelunky, Enter the Gungeon, Witcher 3, FF6 and Skyrim.
Skills: Illustration, animation, game design, Full Adobe suite, obliterating foes.


Hey! Are you hiring?

Sorry, not at this time. However, opportunities may come up! So check with us often here, or on twitter. You can also email your resume here: